Offense, Defense, Special Teams, it's all in here.

You want special situations, it's in here too.

Is the referee confusing you with all those penalty signals?

We simplified that by including the most common penalties that take place during the game. There is even a Go For Two Chart for you to use when you want to put your coaching headset on.

Feel great about learning the game of football, while you check out some pretty cool branding on the front and back of your Football Flip Guide.


Football is an action-packed fast moving game. It is sometimes difficult to watch a play, hear the announcers, and understand what just took place in under five seconds or less. The Football Flip Guide is broken down into simple to understand football terminology that creates clarity on game day. So now when the announcer talks about boundary or field, and uses terms like "zone blitz", or corner smoke, you will know exactly what they are referring to. Everything is just a flip away.


Inexpensive and Effective

Football Stadiums could put their team's name anywhere on the football field, so why did they choose the end zone. It's a great question to ponder while you flip through your Football Flip Guide. No need to mess with perfection, so that's why we strategically placed your brand on our cover, and in the end zone. It is the most visible place to have your brand noticed. Turn it over, and enjoy a full page of promotional space for your brand on the back cover, and we're also pretty affordable too.


Great For Football Fans

It's addicting as you flip your way to more football knowledge. You thought it was just a loud game on the weekends that fills your house with family, friends, and sometimes strangers, but football is a game with rules, terminology, and a systematic approach to executing three critical areas of the game; Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. Continue to flip and review positions, and alignment of offensive and defensive players. With every flip, you discover something new about the game, and discover sometimes how much you didn't know about the game. It's all in here, and now it's all starting to make sense. Check out the Passing Tree with all those cool passing patterns. Didn't know there was an actual Passing Tree, don't worry, most people didn't realize it either.

"Black 879 Yamaha...Check Check Ringo...HUT HUT"

The quarterback barks out his cadence, and usually has a system of check with me's, or audibles to direct the offense, or to simply fool the defense with fancy hand signals and dummy calls. It's great to watch, and even better learning it using the Football Flip Guide.


If you have a better understanding of something, then you will enjoy it more. Fans will be able to see a whole different side of the game while they peruse and flip their way to more football knowledge. Businesses will be comfortable knowing that their brand is in the hands of many consumers. By combining a content-rich product that consumers will enjoy, businesses can utilize this simple yet effective advertising platform for improving visibility to their brand.


The Company

Sport Specific Advertising LLC, is an advertising company that strategically connects a company's brand through specific sports by using unique products that consumers use while enjoying the game they love. By providing content-rich information within our products, we guarantee continued visibility of your brand that is creatively embedded with customers who simply, hold, use, and peruse our products.

It is our goal to create unique advertising opportunities for our clients that will connect their brand seamlessly through specific sports by infusing visually pleasing logos and promotions during the season. By capturing the attention of sports fans through creative advertising, your company's brand will always be on display, and presented to consumers in an easy to use advertising platform that maximizes exposure, and promotes brand integrity for companies that is relevant in the world of sports. The future of advertising starts here, come brand with us.


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The Story

Tom Tarver was the former starting quarterback for Rutgers University during the 1990-1991 seasons. He played in the first ever Big East Football game against Boston College. The Scarlet Knights defeated the Eagles 20-13, and Tarver was named the Big East Offensive Player of the Week passing for 21-30-275 yds 2 TDs 1 Int. Tom Tarver graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Management. Upon graduating, Tarver moved immediately into coaching, and the field of education. Tarver coached at Freehold Borough High School (92), Lakewood High School (93-96), before landing at Manalapan High School as a teacher, and eventually becoming an Assistant Coach (97-00), and beginning his tenure as a Head Football Coach in (2000-2004).

"Football has been a part of my life for a very long time. I certainly give credit to my teachers, coaches, mentors, and family for always allowing me to pursue my goals with conviction".

Tarver left coaching to pursue a career as an administrator at his alma mater. "My time as a Head Coach was a job that taught me many things. I was able to handle adversity, and to teach and positively influence my players about the importance of football, and how football's transferrable skills are connected to the life." Accountability, Teamwork, Trust, and the ability to exhibit a "never quit mentality" has been something that has stayed with me long after my playing and coaching days are over.

In education since 1992, Tarver felt that he reinvented himself as a teacher and administrator. "I did what felt right at that time in my life. Entering the field of education as a teacher and coach was the only career choice that made sense for me." After 22 years in education, Tarver decided to infuse his passion of football and education together, by putting his degree to work to start his own business. The focus would be on connecting sports to consumers, businesses, and organizations by using a unique advertising platform that is innovative, and new to the advertising and branding industry. Tarver recognized that allowing companies to utilize advertising and promotional space within the product used for learning and understanding specific sports was the key ingredient to developing a product that would bring more visibility to companies who want to dominate space in this target market.

Tom Tarver, Rutgers Quarterback 1990-1991